Looking For A Date of Asian Descent Online


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If you want to try your luck at interracial dating, you should probably start by joining online dating sites. Filipina sites like friendly.ph are especially popular right now. There is some sort of pressure that interracial couples always get from the society because at this day and age, there are still people who don’t regard it as normal. However, with constant globalization through the internet, people’s views are being changed daily and people everywhere have started stepping out of their racial boundaries in the search of love. Thanks to the internet, people from all walks of life are finding comfort in the arms of each other and starting a new trend in interracial dating.

So if you’re on the lookout for a date of Asian descent, start by going online to look for regional dating sites in Asia and proceed from there. Today, there are tons of Asian dating sites online where men and women alike can find Asian companions at the comfort of their own homes. All you need to do is sign up, create a profile on any Asian dating site and meet someone. However, it’s always good to employ some caution when it comes to online dating.

filipina dating

Filipina dating is more rewarding than you think

No matter how gross it sounds, there are a few Asian ladies and men who scope these sites looking for companions who are financially stable and swindle them out of their money. Therefore, once you visit any of these sites, don’t reveal any confidential information to someone until you’re sure that he/she is trustworthy. Also be careful of identity thieves who steal all your information and create fake credit cards in your name. Yes, the internet is crawling with criminals of all kind. Therefore, although online dating is a good way of meeting Asian companions, be careful of who you might meet  before you settle for your future companion.

So before you agree to a private meeting with anyone you just met online, try vetting them first. Ask about their likes, dislikes or interests to get to know them better. These are also great conversation starters if you find yourself dumbfounded. Let the people know a little something about you and engage in a striking conversation. If you’re comfortable with the person, you can now arrange for a private meeting which should always be in a public place.

Once you have found the perfect date of Asian descent, the next step is learning to appreciate the person so that you can start a long term relationship thereafter. Remember, you’re bound to come across some racial differences that will bring out some conflicts. Therefore, the best way to handle these conflicts is by learning how to appreciate the other person’s culture no matter how different it may be. If you come across some differences, find a way to act calm and accept the person as they are. If you want your relationship to last, learn how to communicate effectively in the event of any hard feelings and you will be able to solve your issues. So now you have all you need to know when using a website like friendly.ph to find your very own Filipina partner.

Facts About Asian Women


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Asian Women, What You Should Know.

There was a rumor that the Asian craze thing was because of the submissive trait of Asian women. Well, this is a mistake as most Asian women are not tied up by the traditional female role. Submissiveness and aggressiveness are separate traits that differ from every person in any race. Actually, there a lot of confident Asian women who captures the interest of white males. These Asian women are from many countries.

Asian women

You may ponder if there are any specific tips to date an Asian woman. The truth us your triumph in dating an Asian woman will depend on how you understand their culture and on how they are established in their own traditions. For example, an Asian Chinese woman, she will likely have set her mind and outlooks in life very much like yours. For this case, your cultural differences is not going to be a hindrance to your relationship. For the Asian women who are conservative, you should be on you best gentleman behavior on your first date. Because this will send her the signals showing that you’re the kind of man who respects her very much, even though she is an Asian woman.

Being fond with an Asian woman is not just about how she looks, but it’s also about being adapted into her Asian tradition and philosophy in life, and make it a part of your life. These lifestyle needs to be overpowered if you want your relationship to last. There are also other characteristics in Asian culture that are not important. It may conflict parenting methods, incompatible personal standards, different financial control plans or different goals in life that may affect your relationship. These are crucial and fascinating topics to mention when your out with your girlfriend.

Asian Women

Date in Asia sites could suggest a few challenges but usual dating manners is still involved. And if you handle an Asian woman well, then you’ll have no problem in having a successful and wonderful relationship with her. Remember, you shouldn’t date a woman just because she’s Asian. Her looks may may be important in your attraction to her, but also make sure that you would really enjoy each other’s company and take all the time you need to get to know her better will dating.

I’m Married to A Foreigner


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“I’m married to a foreigner!”

That’s one thing I always notice about my friends who all married a foreigner. They say it with pride and love. I can see it in their eyes— the contentment, the happiness and glowing aura.


These women have met their respective partners through online dating sites like friendly.ph, it serves online dating site for men and women who wants to meet someone across the globe. Dating site like date of Asia have served many individuals, they help single people to find the missing puzzle in their life.

Joining online dating changed my friends’ lives. They are in a happy place right now together with their husband and super gorgeous kids. Simple Filipinas who got to go abroad and live there, when once it was just a dream that they wanted to get. And now, voila!They are already residing in a great place like Australia, California, London, etc…

They are already residing in a great place like Australia, California, London, etc…


Their contentment comes from within. From their adorable kids and from their loving husband. They are able to get their dreams and it is really a great deal to see them living their life at its fullest.


They just keep on telling how lucky and thankful they are to date of Asia for helping them find their true love.

Are you feeling envy, yet? It’s fine to feel that way, we all do, sometimes. So, what are you waiting for?

The date of Asia is waiting for you!

How Is It Like To Marry A Filipina?





Filipinas are known of having a nice tan skin and a great proportioned face. Filipinas are just alluring both inside and out. They know how to make a man fall in love and how to manage a great relationship.

Most men who married a Filipina share the same thought for their wives and how lucky they are to be able to marry a Filipina. They are thoughtful, submissive, sensitive in a reasonable way, very spontaneous in all the right way and a very good housewife. They are just the perfect wife-material.

Lovi Poe2

Men who married a Filipina are being pampered and properly taken care of. Plus, Filipinas are just so good when it comes to cooking.

They can make you head over heels with their winning dishes. What more can you ask for?

Now you may wonder, where can I find a Filipina I can get to know? Well, there are Asian dating sign in on the Internet. Sign up and find the Filipina you want to get to know. You just simply register and set up your profile. You can meet and talk to different Filipinas in an online dating site. It is solely up to you who can capture your heart. Added bonus is, Filipinas are a great companion even on the Internet. They can make you laugh while chatting so it’s not really a worry whether you will enjoy or not.

Take time to get to know them and who knows, maybe the next day you can already decide you want to marry her! It’s no way impossible because there are men who fall in love in a snap and marry a Filipina. They are just confident about it.

Then again, you also have to consider to be vigilant on who you talk to and just take each level in a slowly but surely process.


When Finding Love Gets Difficult


When finding love gets difficult… don’t back out and think that you’re going to end up being miserable and alone in your life.

That’s not a good self-motivation. To this modern world, you can start finding love anywhere. Like an online dating.

There are a lot of free dating site in Asian dating. You can sign up and find your potential partner in there.

Treat online dating as dating personally. You’ve got to be yourself, no pretensions, whatsoever. It will add points on your character if you stay just the way you are. Also, no lies.

Yet again, don’t think dating online is much easier than dating personally like what you thought. It is not. Although, some are lucky to find their partner at an early period of time, but there are also who spends more time online just to see that ‘partner’.

When finding love gets difficult, try a whole new way of approaching love. People have this common thought that love will find them and not them who will find love. But in reality, you just have to move especially if you’re very determined to have someone in your life right now.


There are so many options in a free dating site in Asian dating for you to use. You can find more options when it comes to choosing that one person you want to spend your life with. Just be positive and always bring honesty.


And also, make your patience more longer. You also have to exert effort and make it work.


Those who give up easily never wins.

Make a habit out of being optimistic. Sometimes you talk to a girl/man and you can’t help but think that he/she will be your partner in life. But sometimes, it does not work that way. It ends and you have to go back to step one.

You’ll have to talk to different online members before you get the man or the girl of your dream. 

Asian Girl For A Date



Are you wishing for an Asian girl to ask out on a date? Well, you’re not alone. Many men are also dreaming of dating an Asian girl. Why not? Asian girls are just exotic and somehow different, especially for a man who grew up in a country where he’s used to seeing Caucasian girls.

First of all, Asian girls physical features are different from other race. Come on, beauty does matter. Ask every men and they will answer you with a ‘Yes, beauty matters’. They are not really talking about the beauty queen type of a girl, it’s just that they are more drawn to Asian girls because they have unique features.

“Their eyes, their skin color and their body type; all of these are some of the reasons why foreign men are into Asian girls.”


Men just have this astonishing feeling whenever they are dating an Asian girl. There are many men who married an Asian girl which just started in a simple dating stage.

Dating an Asian girl will be a great deal to you as a man, especially if you have always  been wishing of getting an Asian girl for a date. Or even if you’re already wishing an Asian girl to be your wife. It is not questionable, Asian girls almost have all the qualities that a man looks for in a girl. Asian girls are very enthusiastic and very pleasurable to talk to. They have this endearing humor and outlook in life, they will surely infect you with their sunny disposition. They like to do new things with the one they are dating. That will be a perfect time for you to discover each other and spend time bonding. Together with that, Asian girls are fun people… they just want to spend each day with a smile and positive mantra. Asian girls are very aware on what the other person is feeling at the moment. They don’t harass you or anything at your dating period. They just let you talk and express yourself, when it’s their time to speak; they just show you the real person that they are. It’s actually a great thing to date an Asian girl. It will teach you and let you know their culture and how they are handling every day of their life.


Asian dating is a point in time where you get to know a woman who’s not in the same race as you are. It is a ‘union’ of a two different pole. And remember that opposite pole attracts. Maybe that is one of the reasons why foreign men find themselves looking for an Asian girl they could get to know and ask out on a date. It brings a very innovative response whenever you have an Asian girl for a candlelight dinner date. It will be fun and you can talk a lot of things. Asian girls are aware of others’ culture and belief, they will listen to you with an open mind and you can have a discussion about everything and anything under the sun.

“They are very spontaneous and can easily adapt to the topics you want to talk about.”

Dating an Asian girl will certainly bring a notable experience for you. And who knows you might end up marrying the first Asian girl you will ask out on a date, which is not impossible at all.